noun: votard; plural noun: votards

An individual {including: dog, person, woman, man, camera tv} who is especially susceptible to herd mentalities (see: "votardation"), who engages in the 2020 Presidential Election that fits the following:

    1. – any individual who engages in any voting action that promotes/supports/aligns/evangelizes any and all things pro-trump.

    2. a ""free-thinking"", typically inherent centrist (though outwardly a liberal on social media outlets), and entitled prick who writes in or votes 3rd party, or whom otherwise sacrifices a vote on "personal principals" –– [smh]

    3. Essentially anyone who supports the GOP by own volition or 'passive' dissent

    4. Yes, this includes your mother*

      (*if she fits the aforementioned)

Origin: America, now.
OG: from dote + -ard (See www.littlebabytrump.com | www.abortdonaldtrump.com | www.yourealydrankthekoolaid.com )

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